Inductive Loop Analyzer

Excellent tool for use with scanning type detectors

Features & Benefits

●  Contains all the functions  necessary

    to test newly  installed  loops and

    loop  systems.

    A powerful troubleshooting tool.


●  Easy to use, fits in the palm of your     hand. 


●  Housed in an attractive, compact,

    impact resistant case.   

Model ILA-550 Inductive Loop Analyzer

     ●  Liquid crystal display (LCD) provides direct readout for ease of measurement.  

    ●  Oper ates on internal batteries or from an AC adapter (included). The adapter also charges  the


    ●  Battery level status shown on display.  

    ●  Automatic shutoff if the selector switch is not moved within eleven minutes or if the battery

        voltage falls below a preset level - to conserve battery life.  

    ●  Measures the leakage resistance of the loop to ground at 500 VDC.  

      ●  Measures frequency and relative signal strength of a loop network connected to an

        active  detector  with a probe suspended over the loop (indirect method) or  when connected to

        the  loop terminals (direct method).  

      Measures loop inductance, resistance, and Q of a loop with NO detector connected.

        Unit provides excitation to measure newly installed loop at locations without power or 

        a detector.

    ●  Measures the change of inductance (-DL) caused when a vehicle drives over the loop and

        remembers the greatest change encountered. Useful for properly  setting detector  sensitivity


    ●  Comes with a nylon bag to carry the analyzer and all accessories.




      ▶ Frequency: Internal Timebase  

         - Range: 1 khz to 125 khz  

         - Basic Accuracy: 0.01% at 70°F  

         - Resolution: ± 1 Hz at 40 khz*  

         - Least significant digit (LSD) displayed is 1 Hz.  

         * Resolution degrades as measured frequency increases and/or sensitivity setting  of  a scanning

            detector decreases.  


      ▶ Signal Strength: Relative measurement of the field around the loop.  


      ▶ Inductance (L):   

         - Range: 20 mh to 2500 mh  

         - Basic Accuracy: 10% of measured value  

         - Resolution: ± 1 mh  

         - Least significant digit (LSD) displayed is 0.1 Hz when L < 100 mh; 1 mh   when L ³ 100 mh


      ▶ Resistance:   

        - Range: 0 - 40 ohms  

        - Basic Accuracy: 5% of measured value or 0.5 ohms.  

        - Resolution: ± 0.2 ohms  

        - Least significant digit (LSD) displayed is 0.1 ohms  


      ▶ Δ(delta) L:   

        - Operating Range: 20 mh to 2500 mh  

        - Resolution: 0.002% at 115 mh  

        - Least significant digit (LSD) displayed is 0.001%  

        * Resolution increases up to 0.001% as loop inductance increases.  


      ▶ Leakage Resistance:   

        - Range: 5 - 500 megohms  

        - Basic Accuracy: 10% of measured value  


      ▶ Temperature Range:  +32° F to +122° F (0° C to 50° C)  


      ▶ Power:   

        - Internal: 12.5 VDC rechargeable battery pack  

        - External: 12 VDC plug-in AC adapter  


      ▶ Size (Envelope Size):  7.5" L x 4.0" W x 2.7" H,  (19.05 x 12.44 x 6.85 cm)  


      ▶ Weight: 1 lb 6 oz (620 grams),  excluding accessories and case


     ILA-550 System


       ILA-550I  Inductive Loop Analyzer 240 VAC (Australia)

       ILA-551  Operating Manual  

       ILA-552  Frequency Probe  

       ILA-553  Protective Nylon Carrying Case

       ILA-554I  Adaptor, AC 240 VAC


     ILA-550 System Accessories  

       ILA-556  Standard automotive cigarette lighter adapter for unit in vehicle)  

       ILA-557  Extend card for rack mount detectors  

       ILA-558  Rechargeable battery pack (replacement)


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